About this Community

Feminist Online Spaces is was a 2011-2013 project aimed at researching, teaching, talking about and otherwise building-towards online spaces that are defined by feminist and other progressive principles of community, visibility, discourse, and politics. It houses various media conversations and objects about bringing the norms, ideas, structures, legacies, and practices of offline feminist space to the Internet.
It is being revisited in Spring 2019 by students in MALS 72200, Contemporary Feminist Theories, at the CUNY Graduate Center.
Your media and conversation will create both the content and ideas about structure and norms for the site. Your participation is of particular relevance in line with these two founding goals:
  • to move Internet practices from COMMENTING to CONNECTION
  • to move Internet practices from RECEPTION or USE to PRODUCTION or COLLABORATION

You need to register to participate, and once you do, feel free to join the conversation by blogging, answering or asking questions, adding links, making suggestions about design and procedure, or adding objects to our gallery.

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