Instructions for Colby

Considering today’s talk, and the song, pair up with another person and use a phone, tablet, camera, or laptop to record a still image or video to be used as cover art or for the music video for “Kong... 

Old School Values for the Digital Humanities

I continue the opening for my talk for the Re:Humanities, an undergraduate conference on Digital Humanities run by students at Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr and Haverford, with these observations about how I also... 

More Than 10 Minutes

This photo was emailed to me by Traumfrau Brighton after my talk at the University of Sussex. She was answering the Queer and Feminist Social Media Workshop’s Question: How can we understand the... 

Open Access

This photo was sent to my by Mhwhite after my talk at Colby.  
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Commenting on Comments

Posted to YouTube by Matthias Stork during my talk at UCLA’s Graduate Colloquium in Cinema and Media Studies.  
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Radical Art/Cyberfeminist Search

This screen-grab was emailed to me by Beth Granter after my talk at University of Sussex, England. She was answering the Queer and Feminist Social Media Workshop’s Question: How can we understand... 

My Own Way is the Best

  Emailed to be during my talk at Re:Humanities by Laura McGrane. She emailed me to clarify: “the quotation with the coffee cup (my video) is from Tristram Shandy. ... 

Voice/Body 2

  A video made during my talk at Occidental College  
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Circle in OLA Space

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Petri’s World Episode #1: Concept

YouTube video emailed to me by Nicola Rowlands after UCLA talk.  
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Questions from Occidental to Yale

How does this book teach me to read? Does the body that a voice comes from change the meaning of the words and voice? What happens if you break the mantrafesto into pieces?  
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Too Busy Seeing

If a voice has a body, do we pay attention to the body at the expense of the voice? Do we fail to hear because we are too busy seeing (& making assumptions based on what we see)? emailed to me by mdiehl... 

The Feminism Question in “Film and Social Change”

To: Linda Juhasz-Wood <> Hey Linda! Thank you so much for sending this to me! It is so interesting, because I never even thought about how they work under a dictatorial boss. This... 


Cyberfeminism This video was emailed to me by Janet J after my talk at University of Sussex. She was answering the Queer and Feminist Social Media Workshop’s Question: How can we understand the interconnections... 
Feminist Online Spaces is a project aimed at researching, teaching, talking about and otherwise building-towards online spaces that are defined by feminist and other progressive principles of community, visibility, discourse, and politics. It houses various media conversations and objects about bringing the norms, ideas, structures, legacies, and practices of offline feminist space to the Internet.

Your media and conversation will create both the content and ideas about structure and norms for the site. Your participation is of particular relevance in line with these two founding goals:

  • to move Internet practices from COMMENTING to CONNECTION
  • to move Internet practices from RECEPTION or USE to PRODUCTION or COLLABORATION

You need to register to participate, and once you do, feel free to join the conversation by blogging, answering or asking questions, adding links, making suggestions about design and procedure, or adding objects to our gallery.


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