Check your camera settings!

Update: There is now a tool to rotate your vertical video so that it can be viewed online!

Was your video created on an iPhone or iPad?

Well, brave new producers, it seems that we are entering new territory. Extra steps will need to be taken to ensure that your new vertical video is broadcast correctly in a horizontal window.

Go to to convert your video on-the-fly for free!

Rotate your videos before sharing them on this website!

Are you going to edit your video first? The Pro Quicktime Player can rotate your video. iMovie can do the same. That means you need to save your video to your computer, then open it using some type of editor, rotate it, and save it.

Since it is being converted to a horizontal format, black borders will be added to the sides.

You can also try the 8mm Vintage Camera app which will always convert your video to a horizontal format, or the Rotate Video app which does just that.

What I also see here is an industry standard being challenged. Movie screens are horizontal. So are TVs. YouTube videos are horizontal, computer screens were horizontal until the iPad challenged that notion. Only time will tell where this will lead, but until then, consider shooting your movie in a horizontal format. Check your camera settings!