First Stop: Feminist Montreal

On Friday, October 12, I will lead a workshop with fifteen or so students from Concordia University. After looking at this blog, and the many lists, concepts, and places it points to, I will ask these participants:

What makes a, this, any space feminist?(feel free to consider: the room where we meet, the school you attend, the town or place you reside in, a private space, the place you call home, the Internet, or any of my three, preliminary attempts: LFYT, PerpiTube, or this blog itself.

Now make some media and add your voice to the discourse by:

1) Responding to/on PerpiTube by making a response video on/about YouTube

2) Responding to/on LFYT by making a texteo

3) Writing and then posting to this blog

(Online users feel free to join at any time and when you do drop me a line to be sure I see it, lost as it otherwise might so easily become).

When our work is done, I will create a map to the Montreal (and Internet) efforts here and then on the new (not yet but soon to be published web-site).

And finally, the Montreal group will create a prompt for the next stop: UCLA (on November 4).