A finger

emailed to me by Marsha Schnirring during my talk at Occidental College.

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Virality Forecloses Viewing Context

“Virality,” I think, does not foreclose context, as the mantra states. What it DOES do is foreclose the possibility of g…

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Why are feminists (google version)

emailed to me from Chaleena Utositkul, during my talk at UCLA

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Girls' Generation: Getting to Know Them, Sexually

By Hyemin Lee

I believe Soshified is not a feminist of color space. Many members on the site are interested in getting to know more about a girl group that sexualizes themselves mainly targeting th…

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What words help us best understand ourselves?

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Feminist Kitteh

We heard about feminists and kittens and this is what we found on the Internet.


Emailed to me by Sarah Morcos …

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Sent to me by Anjali, Chelsea, and Zoey during the first class of Feminist Online Spaces, Fall 2012.

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The Voice Online: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

By Cassidy Cavanah

The Scripps Voice online website is a great example of a feminist and color safe space.  As a student publication at a women’s liberal arts college, the articles are critical and…

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How to read a book on the internet

A video made during my talk at Occidental College.

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Why do safe spaces need an hierarchy?

Why do safe spaces need a hierarchy?  Rules sure, but can they be encouraged/reinforced by equals?  Is feminism hierarchical?

What state does this mantra induce?

(Not art, but participation and …

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What formats do we use to communicate?

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Where is the feminism in this (Cosmo)?

By Giselle Fierro

Throughout the last couple of weeks, I have been exploring the online space of Cosmopolitan UK in order to figure out whether it is a feminist/anti-racist space. I have done this …

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Celia Vara sent me this note and these pictures after my talk at Sussex. These are some from a performance called “Bridges.” We are in black eating white things on a …

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