Who is part of this group? What do we know of and owe each other?

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Ms Magazine Anniversary

by CharlottePradie

I went to a talk about Ms. Magazine a few weeks ago. I remember learning about Ms. sophomore year in my Introduction to Media Studies class. I hadn’t done the reading about the m…

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Communicating Emotion

This video was sent to me by Andrea Cornwall after my talk at University of Sussex answering the Queer and Feminist …

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What are the languages we are comfortable speaking in?

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Questions from UCLA to Rutgers

How would you consider each of us students who attended Alex’s talk (and our work in the folder made during the talk) as representative of UCLA (or not?)

How do you define relationships or communit…

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Fwd: GJSS Call for Papers and Book Reviews

The Graduate Journal of Social Science is excited to announce two upcoming editions for 2013. The first Call for Papers is for our March 2013 edition, on the theme of ‘Visual Methodologies’. This issu…

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What if I Don't Know?

Contribution emailed to me during UCLA lecture by Roxy Farhat.

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How does the site look and feel? What does this tell us about our values and community?

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Too Busy Seeing

If a voice has a body, do we pay attention to the body at the expense of the voice? Do we fail to hear because we are too busy seeing (& making assumptions based on what we see)?

emailed to me …

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“Take it or leave it”:, Selfies, and the Body Revolution

By Charlotte Pradié is not a feminist of color site. The site perpetuates the valuing of whiteness and thinness of bodies. There is an absence of non-white race on the site. Ther…

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Instructions for Colby

Considering today’s talk, and the song, pair up with another person and use a phone, tablet, camera, or laptop to record a still image or video to be used as cover art or for the music video for “Kong…

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Ramping Up: Dialogues on Feminism and Technology

FemTechNet nodal instructors have been working furiously all summer, and our 18 nodal courses are about to begin.

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Celia Vara sent me this note and these pictures after my talk at Sussex. These are some from a performance called “Bridges.” We are in black eating white things on a …

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