Here is the info graphic, hot off the press, for the DOCC 2013, the pedagogy project that FemTechNet is producing for Fa…

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For Capes Only

For Capes Only Video

This movie was emailed to me by Rachel Tavernor and Elizabeth Reed after my talk at Universi…

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How do WOC create a safe space while playing L4D on XboxLive?

By Casi Martinez
            Being a girl online and playing Left 4 Dead is an experience that I have found to be very gendered and ageist. While playing with my sister, we are often found to be incr…

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How do we strive and maintain equal access and accountability?

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Born This Way: Commodifying Youth Visions via Communicative Capitalism

By Charlotte Pradié

I commented on the profile of H on because I noticed that she is an active use…

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How Started

Jessica Valenti, co-founder and editor of, talks about how she started her popular feminist webs…

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Not too profound



“Also! Once on the Internet someone told me I had no morals.”

(photo and email sent to me by …

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Old School Values for the Digital Humanities

I continue the opening for my talk for the Re:Humanities, an undergraduate conference on Digital Humanities run by s…

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American Cosplay Paradise: Supportive and Comunity-Based

By Gina Magnuson

American Cosplay Paradise is a feminist, of-color space. This space is supportive and community-based, centering on a positive and creative activity. It incorporates women of many …

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On Sharing

Please feel free to share:

This Week’s Survey Question:
What are the major social/legal/professional stakes with sharing online?

Children “share” during “sharing time” at school: my m…

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What formats do we use to communicate?

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A Feminist Stance

This photo was sent to me by Courtney Lair after my talk at Colby.

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Celia Vara sent me this note and these pictures after my talk at Sussex. These are some from a performance called “Bridges.” We are in black eating white things on a …

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