Ethnography of ‘The Voice’ Online

By Cassidy
The Scripps Voice online publication provides a small but uniquely safe platform for a discussion of race and feminist issues than is typically experienced in the vast and unruly World W…

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“Take it or leave it”:, Selfies, and the Body Revolution

By Charlotte Pradié is not a feminist of color site. The site perpetuates the valuing of whiteness and thinness of bodies. There is an absence of non-white race on the site. Ther…

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These are the Rules and Regulations

Please note, there is one important parameter for each of these conditions: while each must be present for a site to cre…

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We're Streaming Live at BESHT

The final class of Feminist Online Spaces was held at the BESHT exhibit at Pomona College Art Museum.

There w…

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making connections. making things. making the feminist-Internet

I just blogged at fembot for their section called “Laundry Day” (“short, teachable pieces of feminist media criticism ab…

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Pre-Election Day mini-Action and Election Day Reaction

By Alejandra Risthon
‘Twas Halloween and the ghosts were out,
And everywhere they’d go, they shout,
And though I cove…

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Learning from Failure: Anne Balsamo (on DML Central)

Liz Losh continues her discussion of the FemTechNet effort with an interview with my collaborator, Anne Balsamo“:

“In an interview that complements my my earlier interview with Juhasz, Balsamo refl…

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Why Are you Voting?

By Chelsea Durgin
Today, as a class, we stood outside the Pomona’s coop with two posters; “Why are you voting?” and “Why aren’t you voting?”. While people walked by, we asked them these questions and…

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The Road Trip Experiment

I’m back from Colby College in Maine which also signals the almost-end to the six-month experiment I’ve been running her…

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Ethnography Reflections

For their second assignment in the class Online Feminist Spaces, my students conducted an ethnography of their site, and then posted their brief findings on this blog. They then read each others’ work…

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American Cosplay Paradise: Supportive and Comunity-Based

By Gina Magnuson

American Cosplay Paradise is a feminist, of-color space. This space is supportive and community-based, centering on a positive and creative activity. It incorporates women of many …

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Art as a Door to Communication

by Hyemin Lee

I attended a talk, “Art, Science and Technology: Between the Studio and the Lab,” by Steven Kurtz, a professor of Visual Studies at the State University of New York, Buffalo on Decemb…

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