Omegle: An Online Ethnography

By Emily Ann Morton

Omegle is not a safe online space for women of color.  I came to this conclusion based on the first few interactions I had on the site.  What still intrigues me, however, is the…

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Election Day Survey

By Daniela Meza

On Election Day, our Online Feminist Spaces class conducted a survey of people asking why or why not they had voted in this year’s election and asked them to write their thoughts on…

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Ethnography of Soshified

By Hyemin Lee

For this project, I wanted to evaluate whether a cyberspace for Girls’ Generation fans, Soshified, can be a feminist of color space or not. Girls’ Generation is considered a leader of…

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Learning from the Online Feminists

This semester, I am teaching my Online Feminist Space class at home at Pitzer rather than on leave at USC. The notable difference in the course is not in the intelligence, ethnic makeup, or political …

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The Road Trip Experiment

I’m back from Colby College in Maine which also signals the almost-end to the six-month experiment I’ve been running her…

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Cosmopolitan: A (Non)Feminist Space

By Giselle Fierro

For my ethnographic study, I interviewed Martha, a college sophomore of Chicago, on her thoughts and interests about Cosmopolitan (Cosmo) magazine/website in order to find out whe…

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Thoughts on our activism

By Gina Magnuson

On November 5th, the vast majority of the class came together in an attempt to gauge public opinion about the coming election. We initially began with two posters: one read “Why I …

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Is Occupy LA a feminist space?

Yes … ish? My students and I, from Feminist Online Spaces, created a real-space circle at Occupy LA, after some initial trepidation, but with nothing resulting other than friendly/bemused/flirty/cra…

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Ethnography: Craigslist Queer Forum

By Leonardo Flores

The queer forum on Craiglist is a public space where users, from all over the world, join in different conversations regarding queer topics. These topics are highly political, se…

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Public Schools and Technology

by Cindy Donis

As a part of the Scripps College Humanities Institute’s Social Media/Social Change series, Antero Garcia and Mark Gomez gave a talk titled “Control, Resistance and Play: A Discussion…

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The Voice Online: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

By Cassidy Cavanah

The Scripps Voice online website is a great example of a feminist and color safe space.  As a student publication at a women’s liberal arts college, the articles are critical and…

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Losing Sam/Making Community

Yes, this video serves my purposes well:

Sam, an audience participant from Yale, engages critically, forcefully, …

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