Context is Politics

The second offering of my Online Feminist Spaces class ended this Monday. As I’ve said before, the Pitzer version of the class found the majority of students studying “in-between spaces” online where …

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Born This Way: Commodifying Youth Visions via Communicative Capitalism

By Charlotte Pradié

I commented on the profile of H on because I noticed that she is an active use…

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Biking without Conscious Movement

by Latina Rider

The bike community website,, is not a safe space for queer feminist of color. I didn’t engage as much as I should/could have in order to come to this conclusion with mor…

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Launch: Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology

The Fembot Collective is delighted to announce the launch of Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology! The inaugural issue, “Conversations Across the Field,” features articles by: Anne Bals…

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IVAW: Providing a Safe Space for Women and People of All Colors

By Alejandra Rishton

When viewing the community through a feminist and anti-racist lens, one will find a positive and equal environment for people off all genders and colors. The content o…

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Girls' Generation: Getting to Know Them, Sexually

By Hyemin Lee

I believe Soshified is not a feminist of color space. Many members on the site are interested in getting to know more about a girl group that sexualizes themselves mainly targeting th…

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Election Day Survey

By Daniela Meza

On Election Day, our Online Feminist Spaces class conducted a survey of people asking why or why not they had voted in this year’s election and asked them to write their thoughts on…

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Thoughts on our activism

By Gina Magnuson

On November 5th, the vast majority of the class came together in an attempt to gauge public opinion about the coming election. We initially began with two posters: one read “Why I …

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"Biking is a Passion, not a Form of Exploitation”: Liberating the Bike on Tumblr By Latina Rider

By Cindy Donis

Having explored the bike community and determining that it wasn’t a safe space for a cyclist like me, a Questioning Latina who occasionally rides her inexpensive bike mai…

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“Take it or leave it”:, Selfies, and the Body Revolution

By Charlotte Pradié is not a feminist of color site. The site perpetuates the valuing of whiteness and thinness of bodies. There is an absence of non-white race on the site. Ther…

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Pre-Election Day mini-Action and Election Day Reaction

By Alejandra Risthon
‘Twas Halloween and the ghosts were out,
And everywhere they’d go, they shout,
And though I cove…

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The Road Trip Experiment

I’m back from Colby College in Maine which also signals the almost-end to the six-month experiment I’ve been running her…

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