One Feminist Online Media Mantrafesto*

Access begs literacy
Literacy initiates production
Mass production fosters popularity

Popularity produces virality

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all voices want a body

"The Occupy Experience"

One of the students from Online Feminist Spaces made this video about our field trip to Occupy LA: “The Occupy Experienc…

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"Biking is a Passion, not a Form of Exploitation”: Liberating the Bike on Tumblr By Latina Rider

By Cindy Donis

Having explored the bike community and determining that it wasn’t a safe space for a cyclist like me, a Questioning Latina who occasionally rides her inexpensive bike mai…

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Is Occupy LA a feminist space?

Yes … ish? My students and I, from Feminist Online Spaces, created a real-space circle at Occupy LA, after some initial trepidation, but with nothing resulting other than friendly/bemused/flirty/cra…

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Ethnography of Soshified

By Hyemin Lee

For this project, I wanted to evaluate whether a cyberspace for Girls’ Generation fans, Soshified, can be a feminist of color space or not. Girls’ Generation is considered a leader of…

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Ms Magazine Anniversary

by CharlottePradie

I went to a talk about Ms. Magazine a few weeks ago. I remember learning about Ms. sophomore year in my Introduction to Media Studies class. I hadn’t done the reading about the m…

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How can we understand the interconnections between radical art practices and cyberfeminisms?

Your little Internet things can self-reflexively become, enact, address and participate in answers to the above question.

I suggest that we must leave and more deeply, embed. Therefore, I now ask y…

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Learning from Failure: Anne Balsamo (on DML Central)

Liz Losh continues her discussion of the FemTechNet effort with an interview with my collaborator, Anne Balsamo“:

“In an interview that complements my my earlier interview with Juhasz, Balsamo refl…

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American Cosplay Paradise: Supportive and Comunity-Based

By Gina Magnuson

American Cosplay Paradise is a feminist, of-color space. This space is supportive and community-based, centering on a positive and creative activity. It incorporates women of many …

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First Stop: Feminist Montreal

On Friday, October 12, I will lead a workshop with fifteen or so students from Concordia University. After looking at this blog, and the many lists, concepts, and places it points to, I will ask…

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FemTechNet Invitation: Please Spread

I am hereby inviting you to a global project to activate networks of feminist artists and scholars of science and technology. Thie project grows from and responds to many of my undertaking here.


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Is the title “queer” enough!

By: Fem-_-ocent

            As part of my assignment for a class I had to pick a website, then observe and assess whether or not it was a feminist (of color) and racialized space. The site that I c…

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