Context is Politics

The second offering of my Online Feminist Spaces class ended this Monday. As I’ve said before, the Pitzer version of the class found the majority of students studying “in-between spaces” online where …

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Girls' Generation: Getting to Know Them, Sexually

By Hyemin Lee

I believe Soshified is not a feminist of color space. Many members on the site are interested in getting to know more about a girl group that sexualizes themselves mainly targeting th…

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Here is the info graphic, hot off the press, for the DOCC 2013, the pedagogy project that FemTechNet is producing for Fa…

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Bodies in Classrooms: Part I (DML Central)

On DML Central, my friend and colleague, Liz Losh, interviews me (and my collaborator, Anne Balsamo, for Part II), about our MDCLE:

“Next year, over a hundred feminist scholars are slated to teach …

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Making Connections. Making Things. Making the Feminist Internet at St. Lawrence U

For this hands-of workshop at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, I proposed that “I will be asking workshop participants to think about what makes a space feminist (at St. Lawrence) to them; how o…

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Cosmopolitan: A (Non)Feminist Space

By Giselle Fierro

For my ethnographic study, I interviewed Martha, a college sophomore of Chicago, on her thoughts and interests about Cosmopolitan (Cosmo) magazine/website in order to find out whe…

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Losing Sam/Making Community

Yes, this video serves my purposes well:

Sam, an audience participant from Yale, engages critically, forcefully, …

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Reflections from Rutgers

Every talk (in a room) has a slightly different mood and tone that builds to different lines of conversation and consideration. What was most provocative for me from the conversation I had with people…

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ACParadise: Facilitating Social Connection Safely

By Gina Magnuson

The primary question I sought to answer was “How does ACParadise facilitate the ideal cosplay experi…

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Feminism and Beauty: Little Connection

By Chelsea Durgin

For my research, I entered the online space of Lauren Conrad. Lauren Conrad’s blog/ fan page,, is a social network that allows not only Lauren to blog inspiration…

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We're Streaming Live at BESHT

The final class of Feminist Online Spaces was held at the BESHT exhibit at Pomona College Art Museum.

There w…

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Ramping Up: Dialogues on Feminism and Technology

FemTechNet nodal instructors have been working furiously all summer, and our 18 nodal courses are about to begin.

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