Ramping Up: Dialogues on Feminism and Technology

FemTechNet nodal instructors have been working furiously all summer, and our 18 nodal courses are about to begin.

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On Sharing

Please feel free to share:

This Week’s Survey Question:
What are the major social/legal/professional stakes with sharing online?

Children “share” during “sharing time” at school: my m…

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I WANT TO BE THE GIRL! Girlgaming on Left4Dead-XBOX360

By Cassandra “Cassi” Martinez

The juvenile nature of Left4Dead (L4D) on Xbox Live reinforces the social stereotypes that exist in society; most prominently in the way users understand race, class a…

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Girls' Generation: Getting to Know Them, Sexually

By Hyemin Lee

I believe Soshified is not a feminist of color space. Many members on the site are interested in getting to know more about a girl group that sexualizes themselves mainly targeting th…

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Structure is Visibility

Yesterday afternoon, I had the decided pleasure of partaking in a conversation with Natalie Bookchin, the amazing new me…

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IVAW.org Providing a Safe Space for Women and People of all Colors Online

By Alejandra Rishton

IVAW.org is a site for members and supporters of Iraq Veterans Against the War. There is a closed component of the site for members, veterans of any U.S. military branch after …

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Mantrafesto Notes from UCLA

There was good conversation during the Q and A at my talk at UCLA, and I want to think more about these questions that were raised about my mantra:

what is the feminist function of invisibility on…

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My Fall Road Show has been a fruitful opportunity to play out, in person, many of the issues of concern here: namely my …

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Kong Jian by Grapefruit Experiment

 Kong Jian, meaning “space” in Mandarin Chinese, explores a translingual machine-made space and the voices within it.

You can stream the audio and download it as an uncompressed file at Soundcloud….

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Launch: Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology

The Fembot Collective is delighted to announce the launch of Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology! The inaugural issue, “Conversations Across the Field,” features articles by: Anne Bals…

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ACParadise: Facilitating Social Connection Safely

By Gina Magnuson

The primary question I sought to answer was “How does ACParadise facilitate the ideal cosplay experi…

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