How Postsecret

This jpeg was emailed to me by Danielle Dirks during my talk at Occidental College.

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Spontaneous Reponse

Is there a qualitative difference between a spontaneous response and a required response?

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(emailed to me from Marianne LaFrance during my talk at Yale)

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Freedom to All Women

This image was taken at the “million women rise” march in London earlier this year.
A group of volunteers from a wo…

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I WANT TO BE THE GIRL! Girlgaming on Left4Dead-XBOX360

By Cassandra “Cassi” Martinez

The juvenile nature of Left4Dead (L4D) on Xbox Live reinforces the social stereotypes that exist in society; most prominently in the way users understand race, class a…

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How do we communicate with each other?

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Hello Avatar! by Beth Coleman

Now that it’s summer, I can read from that precarious pile of books on my desk. First up, Hello Avatar! There is much to…

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Ms Magazine Anniversary

by CharlottePradie

I went to a talk about Ms. Magazine a few weeks ago. I remember learning about Ms. sophomore year in my Introduction to Media Studies class. I hadn’t done the reading about the m…

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Like the epic

@alexandrajuhasz Access begs literacy Literacy initiates production Like the epic, the #mantrafesto begins in media res feministonlinespaces.com/2011/10/mantra…

tweeted to me by @digitaldante durin…

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Voice/Body 1

A video made during my talk at Occidental College.

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Great Conflict 3/3

(shot on a flip cam after my talk at Smith)

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Ethnography of ‘The Voice’ Online

By Cassidy
The Scripps Voice online publication provides a small but uniquely safe platform for a discussion of race and feminist issues than is typically experienced in the vast and unruly World W…

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Why I Stay Silent

Emailed to me by Leah Hughes and Devika Herawal during my class at Scripps.

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One Feminist Online Media Mantrafesto*

By Alex on October 14, 2011

Access begs literacy
Literacy initiates production
Mass production fosters popularity.

Popularity produces virality
Virality forecloses context, shared interests and vocabulary, and local community
Community is built upon safety.

Safety fosters the sharing of voice and responsibility
Shared responsibility is necessary for democracy
Democracy protects vulnerability.

Vulnerability forecloses visibility
Visibility demands a safe space
Safe spaces need rules and hierarchies.

Rules and hierarchies require transparency and process
Process is built upon equal voices
All voices want a body.

A body needs to be visible
Visibility allows for warranting
Warranting insures civility and positionality.

Positionality fosters political community
Political communities demand spaces, both virtual and real
Spaces demand access

-Alexandra Juhasz
feel free to comment, nuance or add your own mantra

  • “Mantrafesto” suggested by Thomas Burkdall

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