How can we understand the interconnections between radical art practices and cyberfeminisms?

Your little Internet things can self-reflexively become, enact, address and participate in answers to the above question.

I suggest that we must leave and more deeply, embed. Therefore, I now ask you to briefly leave this talk, and take ten minutes to make a little feminist digital object that is your answer to this question: situated as it must be in this place and time;  remembering where I started: daring you to think just past the digital, to engage ever so slightly beyond representation, and to struggle to look to and reoccupy our bodies and lived spaces.

Please email your objects to me at

They will live at and be shared, shortly, with those of us at the Workshop in Brighton.

Later, they will sit in the Gallery in the place for Sussex’s objects, and with many more objects by others feminists from other places; lost it will be in this vast sea of effluvia; present  it will remain in FeministOnlineSpace’s holdings.