At-Gender Network (Europe)



Teaching with Gender Series

How to deal with gender, women, gender roles, feminism and gender equality in teaching practices? The ATHENA thematic network and ATGENDER bring together specialists in women’s and gender studies, feminist research, women’s rights, gender equality and diversity. In the book series ‘Teaching with Gender’ the partners in this network have collected articles on a wide range of teaching practices in the field of gender. The books in this series address challenges and possibilities of teaching about women and gender in a wide range of educational contexts. The authors discuss pedagogical, theoretical and political dimensions of learning and teaching on women and gender.

The books in this series contain teaching material, reflections on feminist pedagogies, practical discussions about the development of gendersensitive
curricula in specific fields. All books address the crucial aspects of education in Europe today: increasing international mobility, growing importance of interdisciplinarity and the many practices of life-long learning and training that take place outside the traditional programmes of higher education. These books will be indispensable tools for educators who take serious the challenge of teaching with gender.

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