Instructions for Colby

Considering today’s talk, and the song, pair up with another person and use a phone, tablet, camera, or laptop to record a still image or video to be used as cover art or for the music video for “Kong Jian,” meaning “space” in Mandarin Chinese.

Images and song titles can go to:

These images will be remixed by Grapefruit Experiment (Los Angeles) in the style of “grrl-tronica”:

Question from Grapefruit Experiment to Colby:

Can you let us see what makes  a, this, any space feminist?

Questions from Concordia to UCLA: How do you make affective communities online without degradation or vulgarity?How can we be open online without distraction?What kind of space can we build for ourselves that moves from a top down culture to a flat plane?

Questions from UCLA to Rutgers: How would you consider each of us students who attended Alex’s talk (and our work in the folder made during the talk) as representative of UCLA (or not?)How do you define relationships or community in an Internet environment?What if I didn’t know?

Questions from Rutgers to Occidental: Do all voices want a body?How does the delivery of Alex’s lecture in our room challenge us to rethink the use of form in scholarly praxis?Does all (feminist?) scholarship need an aesthetic?Why does Alex call her talk a “show,” rather than a performance, or a lecture?

Questions from Occidental to Yale: How does this book teach me to read?Does the body that a voice comes from change the meaning of the words and voice?What happens if you break the mantrafesto into parts?