Fluency and Sophistication


Expression of difficulty of expression in short time. Pretty easy to do but colored by a sense of urgency and immediacy – pressure to perform, little time to collect ones thoughts, limited available forms; tend to resort to what we know how to use / say. Hard for an audience to assess the level of sophistication.

harder to execute this mode of expression; takes time. Time allows us to choose the media that best suit expression. Assumption of time makes it easier for an audience to gauge the sophistication of the expression.

What’s demonstrated here is the difference between fluency and sophistication and the resistance not of the form but of the context permitted for expression. Fluency allows one to say *something* effectively now; sophistication allows one to decide what *needs* to be said and how it *could* or *must* be said to be heard.

(emailed to me by Katherine Rowe during my talk at Re:Humanities)