Some Feminist Principles/Methods to Work By

(a cheat sheet)

Alexandra Juhasz, Fall 2011

Make the (Internet) culture we want to live in


  • Access to critical thinking and media production within broader culture
  • With a premium on literacy and democracy
  • In a place where process, visibility, voice, and community dominate


  • Commitment to Collectivity and Collaboration over individual
  • Produce structure with Transparency
  • Transparency in structure and process
  • Focus on processes like pedagogy, writing, structure=self-reflexivity=
  • Critique in the forms themselves
  • Anchor activity in lived places and experience
  • Identify Positionality: one’s individual and shared orientation
  • Dismantle Binaries, Honor Intersectionality
  • Experiences, voices, representation of women, people of color, queers are a given, a priority, are a priori
  • Value Ordinary People over corporate power


  • Agency: for viewer/user
  • Heightened demands on user/viewer
  • Shared vocabulary: political and artistic
  • Shared authoring
  • Through-lines of thought, building conversations


  • Move Internet practices from Commenting to Connection
  • Move Internet practices from Reception to Use
  • Move Internet practices from Production to Collaboration
  • Link cyber space and real world

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