A Naming Process and Project

(a work in progress)

  • Architectural or archaic feminism occurs at deep and structural levels.
  • Unnamed feminism speaks and thus sees itself newly.
  • Re-mapping feminism claims not-feminist spaces through formal fiat.
  • Framing feminism umbrellas the social justice work of trans, anti-war, anti-racist activists and others.
  • Assertive or insertive feminism names its profound relevance in places where it wasn’t deemed important.
  • Common-cultural feminism assumes feminism is the shared space of production and reception.
  • Access feminism doesn’t speak only to feminists, but also opens doors to unusual places.
  • Techno feminism engages in collaborative, goal-oriented, placed, critical self-expression online.
  • Presumptive feminism always assumes that feminism counts and that feminists speak.

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