How to participate

Hi, we’re glad you want to participate!

Once you are registered and approved, you can login and begin to add content to the site.

First create a new post.
All images, videos, art, and anything else should be included in a post.

Adding elements to the Media library (the Gallery) will not create a post or page for viewing.

Add a title for your post. Add some text. Select a category for your post.

Some things weren’t meant to be viewed online:
Pdf files, ai or illustrator files, word documents, psd, tif, and bmp images were not designed for online use. All images should be jpg, gif, or png. Maximum image width for viewing within the post should be 600 pixels.

Continue reading for more details on adding photos and videos.

Add a photo:

Use the Add Media button to upload an image from your computer. Click Upload Files if you are adding a new image. Drag an image or select an image from your computer. The file will take a while to be added. Breathe.

Once the file is uploaded you can see some options.

Please give your image a title – very helpful for searches. If it’s named DSC_2345 no one will be able to find it through a search.

Select left if you want text to wrap around our image.

Select the size you want image to be shown. Medium is usually fine. Don’t insert images wider than 800 pixels into the post. You can link to the original image if you want to provide users with access to the giant file.

Look for button at bottom right of the window that says “insert into post” and click that. Your image will appear in the post wherever you place your cursor. Click publish and you are done.


About the Media Gallery and Media Library

Uploaded items are held in the media library. To display any item, or group of items, those items need to be in the media library.