Great Satire

Emma Lewis wrote: “Modelling “distributed, non-authoritarian” internet culture by DEMANDING that other people create content for YOUR platform?

Great satire on corporate ownership … I have to hop…

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This photo was emailed to me by Laetitia Zeeman after my talk at the University of Sussex. She was answering the Queer a…

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All voices want a body

Photo emailed to me by Daniel Chamberlain during my talk at Occidental College.

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Militant/Feminist … Research

I spent last weekend attending two conference-like events, Invisible Crisis at NYU and the Fembot Unconference at University of Oregon. The fact of the University affiliation (and support) of these no…

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Saturated with Irony/Sarcasm

This image was emailed to me by Oscar Moralde during my talk at UCLA’s Colloquium on Cinema and Media Studies.

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I Wish I Had the Time to Make the Video, "Shit Islamophobes Say"

This video was shared with me via an iphone by Zareena Grewal during my talk at Yale.

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A video made during my talk at Occidental College.

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What formats do we use to communicate?

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Why do safe spaces need an hierarchy?

Why do safe spaces need a hierarchy?  Rules sure, but can they be encouraged/reinforced by equals?  Is feminism hierarchical?

What state does this mantra induce?

(Not art, but participation and …

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This is what a feminist looks like

These photos were emailed to me by Daniella and Giselle on the first day of Feminist Online Spaces, Fall 2012.

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An Ethnographic Exploration of Tumblr

By Zoey Greco

Primary Question

For my ethnographic exploration of Tumblr, I posed the following overarching questi…

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One Feminist Online Media Mantrafesto*

By Alex on October 14, 2011

Access begs literacy
Literacy initiates production
Mass production fosters popularity.

Popularity produces virality
Virality forecloses context, shared interests and vocabulary, and local community
Community is built upon safety.

Safety fosters the sharing of voice and responsibility
Shared responsibility is necessary for democracy
Democracy protects vulnerability.

Vulnerability forecloses visibility
Visibility demands a safe space
Safe spaces need rules and hierarchies.

Rules and hierarchies require transparency and process
Process is built upon equal voices
All voices want a body.

A body needs to be visible
Visibility allows for warranting
Warranting insures civility and positionality.

Positionality fosters political community
Political communities demand spaces, both virtual and real
Spaces demand access

-Alexandra Juhasz
feel free to comment, nuance or add your own mantra

  • “Mantrafesto” suggested by Thomas Burkdall

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