Is this space feminine?

Submitted to me by Shawn Merz during my talk at UCLA.

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Maine Shoes

This collage was sent to me by Katia Licea after my talk at Colby.

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Feminism vs. Female Friendly

By Chelsea Durgin

Lauren Conrad’s website is not a feminist of color space due to the lack of feminist and diverse talk within the site. I doubt that these ideas and discussions would be shunned bu…

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Feeling Feminism

This photo was emailed to me by Ruth Hawley after my talk at Colby.

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A Large Corporate Company 2/3

(shot after my talk at Smith on a flip cam)

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What are the norms by which we regulate ourselves?

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Narrow Bodies: An investigation of the Tumblr “Thinspiration” Community

By Hannah Adelstein

For this ethnography, I chose to research the Thinspiration/Pro-Ana/Pro-Mia community on Tumblr. Thinspiration blogs are meant to inspire women, and some men, to lose weight. Po…

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Omegle: Unfriendly to the Feminist Woman

By Emily Ann

Omegle is not a feminist of color space.  In my experience, Omegle has proven to be a male dominated space that, with few exceptions, is unfriendly to the feminist woman. It is not an …

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Thoughts on our activism

By Gina Magnuson

On November 5th, the vast majority of the class came together in an attempt to gauge public opinion about the coming election. We initially began with two posters: one read “Why I …

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Structure is Visibility

Yesterday afternoon, I had the decided pleasure of partaking in a conversation with Natalie Bookchin, the amazing new me…

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An Ethnographic Exploration of Tumblr

By Zoey Greco

Primary Question

For my ethnographic exploration of Tumblr, I posed the following overarching questi…

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FemTechNet: Terms for Feminist Teaching Online and Off

FemTechNet is a network of hundreds of international scholars and artists who work on or with technology in a variety of fields including STS, Media and Visual Studies, Art, Women’s, Queer and Ethnic …

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One Feminist Online Media Mantrafesto*

By Alex on October 14, 2011

Access begs literacy
Literacy initiates production
Mass production fosters popularity.

Popularity produces virality
Virality forecloses context, shared interests and vocabulary, and local community
Community is built upon safety.

Safety fosters the sharing of voice and responsibility
Shared responsibility is necessary for democracy
Democracy protects vulnerability.

Vulnerability forecloses visibility
Visibility demands a safe space
Safe spaces need rules and hierarchies.

Rules and hierarchies require transparency and process
Process is built upon equal voices
All voices want a body.

A body needs to be visible
Visibility allows for warranting
Warranting insures civility and positionality.

Positionality fosters political community
Political communities demand spaces, both virtual and real
Spaces demand access

-Alexandra Juhasz
feel free to comment, nuance or add your own mantra

  • “Mantrafesto” suggested by Thomas Burkdall

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