How do we get things done?

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Is the title “queer” enough!

By: Fem-_-ocent

            As part of my assignment for a class I had to pick a website, then observe and assess whether or not it was a feminist (of color) and racialized space. The site that I c…

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Feminists' Shoes

This photo was sent to me by Lisa Arellano after my talk at Colby.

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Bodies in Classrooms: Part I (DML Central)

On DML Central, my friend and colleague, Liz Losh, interviews me (and my collaborator, Anne Balsamo, for Part II), about our MDCLE:

“Next year, over a hundred feminist scholars are slated to teach …

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Fixity and books

A video made during my talk at Occidental College.

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On Sharing

Please feel free to share:

This Week’s Survey Question:
What are the major social/legal/professional stakes with sharing online?

Children “share” during “sharing time” at school: my m…

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How do WOC create a safe space while playing L4D on XboxLive?

By Casi Martinez
            Being a girl online and playing Left 4 Dead is an experience that I have found to be very gendered and ageist. While playing with my sister, we are often found to be incr…

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“Take it or leave it”: LittleMonsters.com, Selfies, and the Body Revolution

By Charlotte Pradié

LittleMonsters.com is not a feminist of color site. The site perpetuates the valuing of whiteness and thinness of bodies. There is an absence of non-white race on the site. Ther…

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Teaching and Learning as Making at UCLA: Repurposing Social Media Spaces Twice Around

Two preoccupations/forms/themes will structure, circle, and motivate my talk on October 5, 2012, for the UCLA Graduate C…

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Ms Magazine Anniversary

by CharlottePradie

I went to a talk about Ms. Magazine a few weeks ago. I remember learning about Ms. sophomore year in my Introduction to Media Studies class. I hadn’t done the reading about the m…

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Cosmopolitan: A (Non)Feminist Space

By Giselle Fierro

For my ethnographic study, I interviewed Martha, a college sophomore of Chicago, on her thoughts and interests about Cosmopolitan (Cosmo) magazine/website in order to find out whe…

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One Feminist Online Media Mantrafesto*

By Alex on October 14, 2011

Access begs literacy
Literacy initiates production
Mass production fosters popularity.

Popularity produces virality
Virality forecloses context, shared interests and vocabulary, and local community
Community is built upon safety.

Safety fosters the sharing of voice and responsibility
Shared responsibility is necessary for democracy
Democracy protects vulnerability.

Vulnerability forecloses visibility
Visibility demands a safe space
Safe spaces need rules and hierarchies.

Rules and hierarchies require transparency and process
Process is built upon equal voices
All voices want a body.

A body needs to be visible
Visibility allows for warranting
Warranting insures civility and positionality.

Positionality fosters political community
Political communities demand spaces, both virtual and real
Spaces demand access

-Alexandra Juhasz
feel free to comment, nuance or add your own mantra

  • “Mantrafesto” suggested by Thomas Burkdall

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